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My Eczema Treatment Journey: Triamcinolone, Antibiotics & Cyclosporine

I was in my early teens when the eczema started, a small area on my posterior ankle. It didn’t progress much further until I was in my 30s. I was diagnosed with eczema. I saw a dermatologist. I was given the usual instructions.

Treatments brought limited healing

I have used Triamcinolone ointment and have been put on antibiotics over the years. An MD prescribed Cyclosporine, 2-4 tablets a day & for the first time in my 72 years the eczema was 100% gone, my skin was clear. I had a rash on my lower legs, my left arm & my back & it was gone.

Then Covid hit & my prescription dropped to 1 tablet a day. Back to square one. Something about autoimmune.

What treatments have you tried for eczema?

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