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A pair of red boxing gloves.

When Eczema Knocks You Down, Fight Back

What happens when we flare or when our skin gets out of control? Do we just curl up and just let it be? Or do we do something about it? We can affect our outcomes mentally and physically, so what will you do?

How has boxing helped me with eczema?

I've been sparring for years doing kickboxing and boxing. I can remember those moments in the fight when I was toast and I could not continue any longer. My mind and my body were giving up, I had to dig deep within myself to find the motivation to push through and eventually get back into the fight and win. Those moments help me realize that I have the strength and will, and I hope this encourages you to find yours.

Check out my video I hope this inspires you to find your inner warrior that we all have inside of us that's waiting to be unleashed!


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