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Balancing Positive Thinking With Self-Validation

Mental health has been a huge buzzword during the 2020s pandemic. And when it comes to overall health and wellness, the emphasis has been on having a positive mindset.

Is there harm in positive thinking?

Positive thinking is certainly important to keeping hope for the future alive - which many eczema warriors can relate to - but to what end? When you’re feeling depressed and in agony, positive thinking can support us and snap us out of going into a downward spiral and giving up on life. But if we never acknowledge the reality of the pain we are experiencing on a daily basis, are we just living in denial? Are we silencing our truth? Or even able to see ourselves and our lives clearly? What kind of effect does this have on our treatment choices and healing journeys?

How does it relate to eczema?

In this video, Teresa explores the value of positive thinking along with the value of self-validating the pain and struggle one is going through with one's health simultaneously. Let's dive in...

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