Establishing Social Media Boundaries As An Online Health Advocate

Social media has become a big business in recent years. But just because you could monetize your knowledge and content, does not always mean it should be the main priority. While it is nice to receive a paycheck to help pay for the expensive lifestyle of a struggling eczema warrior looking for relief, it is still important to prioritize our true intentions to help others like us. It is also very important that we are living examples of what we preach. If we need to take time to rest and recover from a bad flareup or life experience, we must be respectful of our boundaries and realistic with our energetic limitations and rest without guilt or fear of losing followers or "influence."

How have I set boundaries as an eczema advocate?

In this video, Teresa goes over her social media journey advocating for eczema and life lessons she's learned along the way to continue to enjoy her experience being a voice for the community in her own way.

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