How Eczema Taught Me Healthy Boundaries

Isolation is a key part of atopic dermatitis. Let’s face it, we just don’t want to see people all of the time when we have flakes on our face. It’s very understandable to be this way, and ultimately many of us have grown to love solitude.

Socializing can be triggering

When our skin heals, and we are back in the social world it can cause new triggers. Yes, triggers from inconsiderate human beings. Humans that never had as much downtime in their lives as you, so hearing them speak without thought when you’ve learned to master your thoughts towards positivity and enlightenment can eventually become a bigger problem for you than the average follower of the crowd.

Creating boundaries after forced isolation

Although I've always been very happy to get back into the normal swing of things in life, I’ve overdone isolation. I often missed the times when it was acceptable to be still, creating my own peace bubble. As an adult facing isolation or solitude forced upon me through 2020 and having the majority of my communication come down to my close friends and family, I realized the need for boundaries. Showing up less even in times that there were many opportunities to show my face virtually or somethings in person became a necessity as life began to get a little less tense of the unknown.

Speaking up for my skin

When you reach a certain level of positivity for your best functioning efforts, there is little room for consistent negativity, no matter where it comes from. Being very much aware of the impact of literally everything on my health and eczema, in particular, I do not hesitate to speak my mind just as much as others speak theirs if it is someone that I consider to be close to me and loved. When that inevitably goes south before it may get better, I remind myself that I am simply creating the best boundaries I can for my life to flourish.

Thankful for solitude and eczema

There are many reasons for the many different ways that we all are. Oftentimes people say things without ill intent, but every time you have the choice to continue surrounding yourself with those with thoughtless speech or behaviour. I’m not sure if anyone will feel empowered to set boundaries from this article and out of the importance of your health. But I know that I have a sense of gratitude to my eczema for reminding me that I like solitude, thrive in solitude, and heal in solitude. There is nothing to fear. How do you set boundaries for your health?

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