Helping Our Baby With Red Itching Skin

Wide blue eyes peeked out from a pink blanket the nurse had burrito wrapped her in. This tiny bundle was going home! Sadly, within 48 hours, we were back at the hospital with rashy skin and tummy problems. The search for a formula that she could tolerate was on! Her gastro system was allergic to everything, including her own mother’s milk. Her whole body responded, including her skin. When it came to helping my granddaughter with her immune system, it took a lot of work. My daughter quickly put a system in place. Maybe some of what we learned will help you and your baby.

Help for red itching skin

Food allergies

In our case, her immune system was causing a reaction to protein. At that time, there was only one prescription formula that worked for her. While it did not address all of the skin problems, her tummy began to feel better within a few days. If your baby has itching or redness, especially around the mouth or diaper area, quickly notify your doctor. It could be related to food allergies.

Dry air

We learned that indoor heat and air creates dryness that can make skin conditions worse. Try using an indoor humidifier, especially in the baby’s room.

Scented Products

One of the first things you can do is check everything that touches your baby’s skin. Find bath products and lotions with no added scents. Wash clothing using fragrance-free detergent and dryer sheets.

Dander and dust

It is hard to keep a house dust free, but when we were helping our baby with red, itching skin it was dusted daily. Use a clingy type disposable duster and hit everything with a quick once-over. Changing the bed sheets frequently also helps. You can wipe down the mattress cover too. When it came to pet dander, my kitty had to find a new home. It was a hard choice, but my granddaughter’s comfort was important to me.

Soft fabric only

We found the softest blankets and clothing possible. Most were made from natural fibers. I ended up hemming cotton fabric that contained no synthetic or wool fibers for her blankies.

Keep it cool

When outdoors, this tiny bundle got red in a hurry. We learned to dress her in loose clothing. I found some light cotton tops that allowed her to cool off quick. We used our home-made cotton blankies, as a tent over her. This provided shade from the sun when we were outdoors.

Medicine bag

My daughter learned to always keep Jill’s medication bag at her side. It contained an assortment of creams and prescriptions from the doctor. Elidel, a mild steroid cream, diaper paste, antibiotic cream, and children’s liquid allergy medicine were a few that were constantly in the diaper bag.

Once we had our routine down, it was easier to relax with our bundle of joy. Understanding how to help our baby greatly reduced her discomfort and we all felt a sense of peace.

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