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Anti fungal treatment

My gp is currently treating my hands with anti fungal creams, I am interested to hear if anyone else has had this and did it help or not. The first lot I reacted to so now has been changed to another one, but to be honest cannot see a change yet

  1. Hi Pete, my GP took advice from hospital but unfortunately it's only made it worse so I have stopped using it. Waiting now for referral to dermotologiy department, for patch testing. Unfortunately it has now started on face as well. Just treating it with doublebase and eperderm ointment and e45 emollient wash whilst waiting.

    1. Ah - that's so not what you want! I feel for you I really do. You're right to stop with the anti-fungal creams if they are making things worse. However, if it is a fungal infection my one tip would be to have seperate towels for your face, body and legs. Fungal infection can spread so easily so it's important that you keep things separate. I wish you all the best and let us know how you get on with the patch testing.
      Pete - ( - Site Moderator)

  2. - this is interesting...I've never heard of anyone getting treatment for their AD with anti-fungal creams. Did your doctor say why she opted to try this treatment for you? Hopefully this second lot of treatment brings you relief. Best wishes - Pete ( - Site Moderator)

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