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What strategies do you use to avoid your eczema triggers?

  1. I agree that rinsing off can help so much with comfort and removing those pesky body surface triggers.
    When not able, I like to try a light covering of vaseline to those particularly itchy areas.
    Avoiding our known triggers is much easier for us to practice being proactive.

    It's those other times when we are caught off guard, unable to prevent exposure or face a new trigger that causes a flare.
    Always an adventure...

    Healthy regards,
    Liz L. Site Moderator @

    1. When my skin begins to feel itchy I find that taking a shower makes me feel more comfortable, often solving the problem.

      1. Hi Alexia28,

        I’m glad to hear that taking a shower helps you feel more comfortable when you start feeling itchy. Many community members have also said that showering and bathing is a time of relief for them. Thank you for sharing with the community!

        Sarah ( Team Member)

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