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Any ideas if this could be dermatitis

I’ve been to the doctors recently to have my skin looked at. The doctor I’ve seen said it’s nothing sinister but will refer me to another doctor as he doesn’t specialise in skin complains. I have these dry patches on one size of my face. A couple at the bottom have bled only slightly when I’ve scratched them. They don’t itch they for me are just a little unsightly Dry scaly patches

  1. Hi - this may very well be dermatitis but to be honest we are not medically qualified to answer, hence your first visit to your doctor. He didn't feel qualified to answer this!! It might be worth going into your local pharmacy and asking. Sometimes they can be more helpful than the doctors! Either that or maybe get an appointment to see a dermatologist. Thanks so much for posting your concern. I hope you get a swift solution. All the best - Pete ( - site moderator)

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