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Atopic Dermatitis & Subcutaneous Mucinosis

National Institute Of Health
Library Of Medicine:

"Cutaneous Mucinosis is a rare disease that manifests as an excessive accumulation of mucin in the skin, (dermis & subcutaneous tissue) that forms waxy papules or plaques."

Anyone else here dealing with this rare condition of Mucinosis?

  1. Hello dear , I am glad to see that you have reached out to us. Last time you and I communicated, I believe that there was not yet a diagnosis for your very uncomfortable symptoms. Unfortunately, it appears, having looked for more information, this Mucinosis is quite the rare diagnosis, as noted and discussed further here: Regrettably, I haven't seen any pertinent articles here on our Atopic Dermatitis site about your diagnosis. However, you may find some support and value on our fellow site, "Rare Diseases": There are many community members there who may be able to guide you to finding out more information, like this one: As well you will be in time for their community giveaway the end of this month! Please let us know your thoughts... We genuinely care about you, your health and well-being. Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

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