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Atopic Eczema on face and neck

Hi, I have developed atopic eczema on my face and neck. It’s excruciatingly itchy, painful, and hot. I keep going on oral steroids but when I come off them, it flares back up again. I had it as a child. I live in the UK and want to go privately but do not know whether to see an allergy specialist, dermatologist, or immunotherapist. Any tips, please help. Thank you in advance.

  1. Mine came on suddenly and severely eventually spreading all over my body. Looked like leapord print just all pink and red shades. Oozing ulcers over my scalp and in my ears. Hair falling out. Random break out of burning pain like I was lit on fire. Hundreds of needle pricks down my back if it touched anything. Showering was excruciating. Every fold of my skin would become raw. Tried steroids 3 times and same thing-came right back worse. Started Dupixent this past December and it has saved my life.

    1. - so wonderful to hear you have had some relief with your eczema thanks to Dupixent. Brilliant! Pete, Moderator

  2. Hey Mich, so sorry you are having to experience this. As someone who has dealt with this exact problem all my life, I do know what you are going through. Regarding medical advice, we are not really supposed to give any because we are not medically trained, however, for me, steroids have always been a last resort thing where it's either a trip to the hospital or the doctor to stop the pain. Generally, I use moisturizers and antihistamines. I drink loads of water and double down on my diet. I avoid any foods in the nightshade family, no milk apart from oat or almond and I make sure I eat lots of foods that are high in omegas 3,6,9. And I eat plenty of greens. We are all different but this seems to get me back on track. Hope whatever you try works for you. Keep in touch! Pete, Moderator

    1. Mich, I have been dealing with atopic dermatitis for over twenty years and I have found that Sarna lotion for itch relief works extremely well and you can buy it in any drugstore or grocery store in your area. It is also great for sunburn, poison ivy and bug bites.

      1. thanks so much for sharing what you have found helpful to you! All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

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