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I am starting this treatment, azathioprine. I know it is an immunosuppressant. I tried ciclosporin last year, but had so many chest infections and fluid in my legs, I stopped although my skin was great. Has anyone tried this??

  1. Thanks . It's hard to decide as I have been on similar immune suppressants. I have made a list of questions as I'm seeing the dermatologist next week.

    1. Hey - I was offered powerful immunosuppressants a while ago and after lots of thinking decided against it for the very reasons you highlight. Being an asthmatic, I have to be very careful. I've not tried Azathioprine but we all react to certain medications in different ways. When debating whether to go onto new medications, I always weigh up the pros and cons. Hopefully someone can reach out to you who has some experience of this drug. Good luck! Pete, Moderator

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