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Impolite Looks and Comments

How do you handle impolite looks or remarks about your skin? Any tips for how to respond in these situations?

  1. Kind words 🙏🏽

    1. This is a great question . If this question was asked of me in my early 20s I would have no doubt reacted to it by saying something quite inflammatory - no pun intended - but I think the best way to deal with any negative response is fighting back with kindness. I don't mean in a passive-aggressive sense. I mean by responding to the person in warm,kind manner as if their negative comment is a genuine inquiry. I've done it before and it has deflated the situation. It's strange, I get this quite a lot in my job so I am well practised in dealing with it haha! As for reacting to people staring - this is completely out of your control and ignoring it is the what works for me. Thanks for raising this! Pete ( - Site Moderator)

      1. Your "inflammatory" comment made me lol! But in all seriousness, I am in awe of your approach to fight this with kindness. It makes me think of what we sometimes refer to as "unconditional positive regard" or UPR. Essentially it's assuming the best of others, maybe they said something out of genuine curiosity (though I realize that's not always the case). I admire your ability to handle these moments with composure, especially while on the job. You're an inspiration! Thank you for your response. -Sarah ( Team Member) 
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