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Can atopic dermatitis be caused by cancer?

Has anyone in this community discovered their AD was caused by a cancer, blood cancer or anything else sinister like that? It seems frustrating to know that we have this autoimmune condition and don't know why or how we got it.

  1. Hi This is a great question and I unfortunately don’t have extensive explanation but I first had saw my uncle who developed eczema while doing chemotherapy and he asked me for assistance. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence since your entire body is attempting to shut down and certain offenses like skin health which is ultimately overall health declines.
    - Raelle AD.net Team Member

    1. * this is the link you can see where i found info:

      1. Hi - this is a great question that I have never considered before. I'm not sure and I haven't heard this concern before. However, according to the NHS, they say, "Previous epidemiological studies of humans have shown that atopic dermatitis is associated with lower levels of skin cancers. But it is not known if this is because of the disease process or the drugs that are used to control it, such as topical corticosteroids." - (6 May 2014) - NHS. Thanks for raising!! Pete (AtopicDermatitis.net) - team member

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