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Ceramide Supplements

I noticed that Ceramides are available as a capsule oral supplement. Is there any reason to think that these could be helpful?

I know that many external creams and lotions contain Ceramides (CereVe).

  1. Did you end up trying the ceramide supplement?

    If so I would be interested to know whether you found it helpful, how quickly you saw benefits and what brand and dosage you took?

    I would like to try it but I’m always hesitant trying something new as I have had so many things make my condition worse.

    Many Thanks!

    1. I am not a healthcare professional, but definitely someone who is very interested in herbs and supplements of all kinds. So like Peter said, definitely always consult your doctor before trying anything new!

      From the (minimal at this time) research I've done though, it does seem like it could potentially be beneficial. I know we naturally have ceramides in the skin, but as we age, we lose a lot of them (much like collagen), so supplementing could be helpful. I know they are also found in some foods - like sweet potatoes, soy, wheat (not gluten free friendly for those that have to avoid it like me!), rice, corn, and I'm sure some others.

      Have you decided to give it a shot since posting this? Keep us posted - I'm interested to learn more and will definitely be doing some more research on this! Thanks for posting this. -Nina ( Team Member)

      1. I am sorry. You are so right! I don’t know where my mind was. Of course it’s Vitamin E. Thanks for catching it. Cora Lyn

      2. it’s okay! Just wanted to make sure so others don’t get confused too 😀

    2. Hi @allessio77 - Ceramaides may well be helpful, not sure. I would mention it to my doctor. Just to be safe. I tend to worry that if I take any new treatments it could worsen my skin. Thanks for sharing! Pete ( Team Member)

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