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Covid vaccine

Anyone else have their AD disappear after their covid vaccination? Mine did (for now), but it had been getting better beforehand, so probably a coincidence . I had it on my fingertips for 1+ years, now gone. It did go away (remission?) for about 3 years before returning, so it may come back. No rhyme or reason why it started or left. I'd give anything for it to stay gone! So hard to treat on the fingertips. And so painful.

  1. Thanks for raising this question @MNcowgirl. I'm really pleased to hear your eczema has cleared up. I'm not sure if there is any correlation with this happening after getting your vaccine, especially since you say it was clearing before. But who knows there might be. I haven't spoken to anyone who has experienced this so, again thanks for raising this! Pete (AtopicDermatitis.net - Team Member)

    1. see my reply above to daisy.

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