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Dealing Atopic Dermatitis, Asthma & Rhinitis

To update from my previous Atopic development message:

My 1st Dermatologist tried chlorine-sulfate tablets a.k.a. hydrxochloroquine tablets for several months (it's been more than a year) and I have still remained symptomatic with sensations of swelling and burning somewhere between my dermal and subdermal tissues. But x rays and CT Scans show no signs of "swelling", while I continue to feel sensations of swelling. This 1st Dermatologist could not think of anything else, so I went to seek another Dermatologist for a 2nd opinion. My 2nd opinion Dermatologist declared that I have been having allergic responses to my environment including change of seasons, natural environmental land climate and certain foods. The goal was to find out what particulars of these environmental conditions am I responding to, so he sent me to a Immunology, Asthma and Allergy clinic.

The immunologists performed a series of scratch-poke tests on my back with many known allergens to see what I allergically respond to. A list of items were made, showing my adverse reactions, mainly swelling. The list consists of shell fish, certain nuts like cashews and pistachios, land material such as ragweeds, grass and others that are common within landscapes. One of the associate doctors from the allergy clinic informed me of a phenomenon disease called "Allergic March". Allergic March, also known as "Atopic March", is the automatic progression of allergy related diseases during a patient's growth development. For example: between birth and elementary schooling years, I had suffered from Atopic Dermatitis, which could be visibly seen on my epidermis (outer skin). Then, as I'd get past puberty and teenage years, I had suffered from severe chronic asthma. Then, from my coming-of-age years into adult life, I had suffered with Rhinitis or Sinusitis, (hard to see distinction between the two and may possibly be affected with both), but are now under control through daily use of a steroid medication, Fluticasone, the popular brand name for this is "Flonase".

Usually, regarding Allergic or Atopic March, allergy symptoms stop at the Rhinitis/Sinusitis progression. It's probable that my March has progressed further into epidermal and subdermal allergic disorders, being that I'm now in my midlife years. These allergic disease progressions are often seen in patients with Atopic Dermatitis, Asthma, and Sinus allergies, known as the Atopic Triad. An out-of-office doctor informed me of clinical testing of Atopic Triad showed positive remedial response to a system of medicines called Biological Medicines or "Biologics".

Has anyone experienced these occurring illnesses or something similar to them? Is anyone familiar with Biologic Medication?

  1. Hi - firstly, thanks for posting your update on your situation. As someone that has chronic asthma, atopic dermatitis, and allergies, I can understand on some level the things you speak of. In short, I have not yet gone to that next step of biologic treatment. There are a few out there, you may have heard of Dupixent or Dupilumab as it is sometimes referred to. Here are a few links to some articles by our patient leaders who have used...

    I hope you find it helpful. Best wishes and keep in touch!
    Pete, Moderator

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