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What is the difference between eczema and rosacea?

Can they be confused with one another?

  1. Rosacea is typically redness of the skin which often appears on the face as a tendency to blush or flush, and can spread to the ears, chest and back. It is most common in people ages 30-50. There's more information from the American Academy of Dermatology about rosacea here.

    Eczema, or atopic dermatitis is characterized by itching of the skin which often appears as red and inflamed, weeping or oozing sores, scaling, and cracking. It is most common in infants and young children but can be experienced in adulthood. More information about symptoms here.

    As you can see, rosacea and eczema do have similarities of redness, but one primary difference would be itchiness. I hope this is helpful to those who may have this question!

    -Sarah (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

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