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Doctor Frustration

Vent about a time that you felt invalidated, unheard, disappointed in, or medically gaslit by the doctor who treats your eczema!

  1. It took me 30 years!!! to finally have a dermatologist say she knew what I had (prurigo nodularis) and prescribed methotrexate to heal me. I am a new woman after 10 months on this rx! Very inexpensive and no more itching! I have been given a miracle.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am trying to connect with medical researchers in the areas of itch and neurosensitivity. My PN started after I quit alcohol 30+ years ago; I have heard of others whose nervous systems have been damaged by alcohol and want to pursue this if I can. I have names of a few researchers but no way to get through to them through their front offices or mail screening. I live in Oregon and they are in other states so an appointment would only be possible after an initial contact and I don't know how to find that! Can you help or give ideas? Thanks, Jan

    2. Hello dear Jan, (), I find the depth of your research very awesome! I wish I had a magic wand to locate an answer for you. Doing my own cruise through the medical journals, I found two that may be of interest, even more their references and advisory boards may be another route to contact: and: and: Please let us know your thoughts as we are sincerely concerned about you, your health and wellbeing. Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. It took me 37 years to finally get the rx cream (which doesn't work)

    1. Dear , it is truly maddening to read that it took so long for you to receive a prescription cream. Even more frustrating to find it did not work for you. I can understand your disappointment. May I ask what if your doctor recommended an alternative; perhaps there are other medications that may be more effective? Perhaps, there is an alternative dermatologist to obtain a second opinion. Here is another article that may be of interest - we are not alone here with our challenges: Let us know your thoughts... Please stay in touch as we sincerely care about you and your health... Sending healing hugs, Liz - - Site Moderator

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