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Does your facial eczema stop you from socialising?

Whether you are going out with friends or out at a family do, or meeting new people in the workplace...these situations can be very distressing if you are going through a flare up.

  1. Well, I have a small group of old friends. They understand my problem and don't have issues with it. But meeting new people is a struggle sometimes, to be honest. It's a good thing that I'm an introvert, and I don't need a lot of people around.

    1. If you are interested, I can share the link to that thread discussion.
      But I had some brownish and a mix of purple eczema scars on my face that, from far away, looked like a have a beard or goatee. As a girl, of course, I was worried about my appearance and constantly staring at my face.
      But now those scars are less visible.

    2. ah absolutely Emma, thanks v much! I have scars on my neck that I could do with getting rid of 😀) 👍

  2. Best isolation trying to dance within a nightclub setting and less filtered one random new dance partner said eww on my hardened healing mode of puritis on hands. I can cover with make up but can't explain why they healing process doesn't lend me to my usual soft hands of a woman... as well as a high storm rate of the country residence the humidity agrivates my outdoor activities lending to less cardio activities to more weight gain to endless cycle from steroidal effects.. as well as pink collar blue collar town limitation post pandemic can't do any work in schooled health sector if doctors say stop aggrivating hands with water and all food and health sector wants you to wash with warm aggrivating water rather than cold. What do women do with weeping hands for work in 1/4 million populated towns.

    1. Actually, here at, in this discussion, I've talked about products that I found helpful.
      As I said, I used to have something that looked like a goalie from far away. But now, it is less visible and appears only under certain conditions.
      Well, at my previous job, it was more visible, and I think it was because the previous employer didn't clean the AC. Now I work in a new building, and the new employer also has some Air purifiers working all the time. So, after the whole day in the office, I have less irritation on my face.
      I think that many factors matter when it comes to eczema.

    2. thanks for sending over the link, much appreciated 👍

  3. Thanks for starting this important discussion . I know several people here can relate to this, and look forward to seeing more discussion around this topic. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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