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Eczema Scars

Has your eczema left scars? Have you found anything to help with their appearance? Let us know!

  1. If you would like to find Calendula oil, look for a facial cleanser. That's actually where I found this one. But I also use it as a body wash. When I'll find more gems and I'll see that they are working, I'll share with the rest of the world.

    1. Hi , I so appreciate your sharing here with our community and especially for my own personal needs! You are a gem! Thank you again, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. The thing is that I started experimenting with the Korean skincare products. It was a long journey, and I was skeptical about their products. I used to buy famous brands like Clinique to reduce the scar's appearance, but it was very expensive, and the effect was barely visible. Then a friend gave me Korean hand masks, which were like gloves for 30 minutes. I had some cracks on my skin that were bleeding, after that mask it seemed like I'd got a pair of new hands. After that I found one local store where you can test products and buy small samples. Of course prices were way higher than ordering a bulk online, but with my skin conditions it was the only option. So far, I have liked the Calendula oil by Maxclinic, and lacto drops by Centella. Those products worked for my skin. Of course, it's far away from being perfect. Still, I saw some noticeable improvements.

    1. Thank you, , for your informative reply! I am on the hunt for these products to give them a try based on your successes. I so appreciate your sharing of your personal experiences for our community's benefit. Sending healthy regards, Liz - - Site Moderator

  3. Through trial and error, I've found a few strategies that have made a noticeable difference in the appearance of my scars.
    One of the key lessons I learned early on was the importance of keeping the affected areas well-moisturized. I started using thick, fragrance-free moisturizers immediately after showering to lock in the moisture. This practice didn't erase the scars overnight, but over time, I noticed that well-hydrated skin seemed to heal better and the scars appeared less prominent.
    Another game-changer for me was the introduction of products containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides into my skincare routine. These ingredients helped in restoring the skin barrier and provided an extra hydration boost, which seemed to play a significant role in the healing process of scarred tissues.

    1. Hi , thank you for sharing what has been most successful for you! I so agree with keeping our skin well moisturized and hydrated to help with the scarring of our condition. My curiosity truly rose as I read about your "game-changer"! May I ask which products you used that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides? Looking forward to hearing from you, Liz - - Site Moderator

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