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Eczema friendly shampoo / conditioners

What shampoo and conditioner is everyone using that seems to not flare your scalp?

I have always used head on shoulders and this has worked great for me. I have noticed that my scalp has been more dry lately though.

any sugggestions?

  1. Thanks. I’m glad I found It’s been 14 years that I struggle with permanent flare ups, even been in hospital for 2 weeks with cellulitis that gone bad. This is a very lonely road to walk on your own. People have no idea what you go through and suffer!

    1. Hello dear , we are very glad, as well, that you have found us. Your words describe a very long and painful journey with this skin disease we share. Having a circle of support can be almost as relieving as some medications. Please stay in touch as we sincerely care about your health and wellbeing. (I have contacted Daisy about your follow up response too.) Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. Head and shoulders dry out your scalp and hair even more. Why don’t you try Eucerin dermo capillaire calming urea shampoo. I find that fragrances affect me badly.

    1. Hello dear , Thank you for your response. I have notified our colleague Daisy of your response to her question so that she may reply. Meanwhile, if I may applaud you on finding a remedy that helps you! Fragrances and perfumes can serve as triggers for me as well. Thank you for weighing in on this topic, as others may benefit from your success story! Sending healing hugs your way, Liz - - Site Moderator

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