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Eczema on eyelids & treatment

When this erupts under stress, colds or lack of sleep, the eyes water constantly & the eyelids get pink & itchy.
Anyone else have this & what helps??

I need preservative free; Using steroid cream for lids, hyloforte drops for dry eye & catacrom for allergy. .

  1. Hi Nina,

    I just use Aloe Vera topically.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thanks for sharing! So glad you've found something that helps. All the best, Nina ( Team Member)

  2. Hey Ruth! So sorry to hear you struggle with this. I no longer do as much, but it used to be pretty bad. I found putting cold spoons on my eyelids sometimes helped with the inflammation and irritation. Sometimes I would also make chamomile tea and put compresses on my eyes with it and that seemed to lower inflammation quite a bit. I also have to use preservative free lubricant eye drops daily (I use Systane or Refresh brand). Unfortunately in my case, due to the many years of dealing with atopic dermatitis and my eyelids being so inflamed, as well as years of steroid use, I ended up with severe eye damage and keratoconous. I just recently wrote an article on this that should be published soon. But I hope you are getting your eyes monitored regularly with an eye doctor as well to make sure all is well! -Nina (AtopicDermatitis Team Member)

    1. - when I get this I find it quite difficult to manage. The eyes are such a sensitive area. Over the years, I have tried being super proactive so if I get the slightest itch/watery eye I jump straight on it using eye drops for dry eyes (Thealoz due eye drops). I made the error that thinking because my eyes water a lot means that they aren't dry. Not the case! My eyes are extremely dry! Being proactive doesn't always work but it at least stops it from getting out of control. Good luck to you! Pete ( Team Member)

      1. @Ruthv - no worries, happy to help! It sounds as if you have to stay on top of this 24/7. I really hope things work out for you. Stay safe! Pete ( Member)

      2. I also have Meibomian gland problems. They are completely worn out and thin and many are already destroyed in my case. I personally can't use steroid or immunosuppressant eye drops as I've gone through Topical Steroid Withdrawal, so my eye doctor suggested buying a mask online that I just put in the microwave for 30 seconds and apply 10 minutes twice a day on my eyes. It is meant to open up the glands more and expand them so they secrete more moisture and oil. Has your doctor ever suggested this or mentioned it? Maybe something to look into and ask your doctor about! It has helped me a ton and I notice if I don't use the mask for a couple days, my eyes get more dry and irritated.

    2. hi Ruth, I have the same issue with my eyes. Mostly my left eye. And the dark circles under my eyes are very unpleasant to look at.

      I just started doing cold compress a cold damp face cloth and lay down for twenty minutes. I can’t say whether it works yet. Only done it twice this week.

      I know that my eyes are not this bad with allergy medication. Just trying not to take so much allergy medication.



      1. this is a good idea! My eye doctor actually has me do a warm mask compress (you can buy the masks online), but apparently it is meant to open up the glands inside your eyes more and expand them, which produce moisture and lubrication. She did special testing on mine and saw that many of the glands were destroyed due to all the inflammation I've experienced with my skin. I'm not sure if yours is a dry eye issue, but that's just one of the things I have to do every day for mine as I have severe eye issues from AD personally. Have you noticed if the cold compresses are helping any yet? -Nina ( Team Member)

      2. Thanks
        I use pads placed in the fridge when lids are swollen or itchy. Allergy medication causes more harm tgan good with me.

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