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Eczema or dermatitis?

Hi, I've had what I believe to be dermatitis for around 10 years now only on my face. I get it on my chin, top of my mouth, either side of my nose, forehead and around temples and in my eyebrows.

It's not itchy at all it just goes very red and sore, it's not flaky or scaly more like dandruff.

I've tried various over the counter treatments, e-45, aveeno, lasinoh, and recently stinky stuff skin stuff, all of which make my skin super greasy but don't actually help.

The only thing that works is hydrocortisone cream 1%. I put it on before I go to bed and within 3-4 days it has gone back to normal, I can then go 3-4 days without applying it before the redness and soreness comes back.

I would like to know if it is in fact dermatitis I have or eczema and if anyone has any treatments that actually work for them.

I have heard that you are not suppose to use hydrocortisone cream on your face so I'm worried about long term effects but it's the only thing that works for me. I have attached a picture of my nose/mouth for reference. Sorry if that isn't allowed.

Thank you in advance.

  1. Hi @blink - yes I totally agree with Cora Lyn, only a dermatologist would be able to give you a definitive response. I do get why you are confused though, because with eczema there is normally always itchiness/flaky and scaly skin associated with it. However, as I say, try and seek out some professional help. If you know your doctor's name, try and send them the pic you sent us. That's what I do when things get out of control because it saves so much time trying to get an appointment. The only downside is that you know your email is being seen by the receptionist at the surgery. Hope this helps. Stay in touch. Pete ( Team Member

    1. Oh, @Blink, I wish I could help, but I’m not a medical professional. A dermatologist is the only one who can answer definitively, and who to see if you haven’t already. My allergist suggested keeping a food and “everything I do” journal for three months. It helped find new triggers. It sounds like you’ve tried so much with little success. You’re right that cortisone has unwanted side effects, so it’s good to try to use it as little as possible. Please keep us updated on how you’re doing. I’m sending positive thoughts your way Cora Lyn, Team Member

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