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Exercise + eczema

I have been starting to work out more and go on hikes. I am trying to move my body more. My problem has been sweating while working out which in return makes me so itchy.

After I work out or do any type of exercise I go and take a shower. Yet, I am still really itchy after.

Does anyone have the same problem? Any tips for this?


  1. I think exercise is great. I do understand the sweat and eczema does not go very well unfortunately.
    I think the salt or three toxins in the sweat make it unbearable some times.
    I think part of it is the dry skin that can't release the heat and moisture very well from our body.
    For me, instead of moderate exercise that works up a little sweat, vigorous exercise that really opens up my pores and get the skin ventilating is a better way to sweat.
    Then I get tired and sit for 10 minutes which closes up my pores and then I'm dealing with the same problem of the heat not being able to escape.
    This happens on a smaller scale while I sleep also. When my body heats up while I'm sleeping and when I wake up, I feel like my skin is not ventilating and therefore I'm uncomfortable. I sit with the windows open until my core temperature goes down, but by the time it takes my core temp to drop, it's like 20 minutes later and the outside of my body is just about frozen.
    Haven't found a way to win with eczema yet, but ain't no stopping this boy from getting a workout in.
    Keep at it, Daisy. We'll get through this shit together!

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