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Extremely high IgE and COVID vaccine

has anyone with ige off the charts received the covid vaccine and how did you make out thanks nebi

  1. i had this experience! my blood work has been off the charts even worse than what it was before. I also noticed that the day after the shot i felt extremely itchy and anxious. I was told by my natural doctor that i was having a reaction to the vaccine.

    1. i still haven't re-done my blood work i get it done x1 a month. I got pfizer. I would recommend for you to ask your dermatologist or doctor to see what they say. Let me know what you end up doing i'd love to hear your experience! ( - Site Moderator)

    2. thanks Lara...I ask both the derm and primary and they both said to ask the other..nice huh 🙁 I will let you know what we decide
      hope you are doing better now

  2. - yes great question. I had my shot a few weeks ago and I did not experience any major issues with skin or breathing. I felt a bit a rough in the first 24hrs of having - headache and a mild fever. Roll on the second one!! All the best - Pete( - Site Moderator)

    1. no worries! Thank you! I had the AstraZeneca shot.👍🏻

  3. Hi again, . I just tried to go to the link I shared with you, only to find it wasn’t working. I’m so sorry. But this one gives the same information: Hope this one works! Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. than you

  4. Good question, . I had the first Pfizer vaccine 1 week ago. I’m not sure if you’d say my allergies are off the charts, but they’re up there. I had no reaction, not even a sore arm. You might find this link interesting. It that lists the ingredients in it as well as allergy information: Hope this helps, and good luck. Please let us know how it goes, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. than you so much for the reply..Im glad that you didnt have any is encouraging. Ill read the web site you sent me. I wish her doctors would answer me other then telling me to as her other dr.(primary and derm) I took my sister for her shot and ask a nurse there and she said she should be ok.. should be is scary. I realize not much is known about the helps that people with allergies who had the shot give me their experience....

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