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Faces of Eczema Photo Submission

October is Eczema Awareness Month! Help us highlight diversity within the eczema community. Share a photo to the Faces of Eczema Photo Gallery.

"Reply" below to upload a photo of yourself and include the following:
-First name and last initial
-How long you have had eczema
-One fun fact about yourself

Note: Photos will not appear until they are approved. Users must be logged in or create a new account to submit.

Visit the Faces of Eczema Photo Gallery

Images must be original and pertain to the gallery topic. For your safety, do not capture any personal contact information in the image. By submitting your image, you acknowledge that your entry is subject to our terms of use. All images will be held for review prior to publication. reserves the right to not publish submitted images or to edit images for sizing purposes.

  1. My name is Shelley O. I was diagnosed with Eczema five years ago. Shelley O.  I was diagnosed six years ago.   I live in Denver, so it is a very dry environment and makes it difficult when add Eczema on top of it.   My fun fact is I am a proud aunt to six nephews and nieces.

    1. Hi Shelley, thank you! Do you have a fun fact you'd be willing to share? -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. I was very interested and support you having facial eczema. This is not a recent photo. I have had eczema for years. I have never had it on my face. I have had a flare up right now. For me it is awful when it is on my face. You cannot hide this. I am unable to wear makeup when I have a flare up.
      Medication from Dermatologist did not help.
      I read about Magnalife care for Eczema. I read about it in AARP news paper. I decided to try it and to my surprise it has helped take away the thick scales and the redness.
      When I have a flareup it seems to last forever.
      I hope everyone with eczema will find a treatment.

  2. "REPLY"

    1. Hi! Would you like to be part of the photo gallery? If so, send us a portrait, how long you've lived with eczema, and one fact. Let me know if you need help! -Sarah ( Team Member)

  3. Hello, all! My name is Putri M, I'm twenty one. I've had an eczema since I can't remember, but I guess it's about since I was three years old.

    A fun fact about me is that I'll be confused when I'm not in the flare-up phase because I'm used to living with eczema. You know, like something is missing in my life hahaha. I mean, our pain, our hardship or difficulty is precisely our strength~

    Good luck, all! God is good. <3 Sending a lots of love from Indonesia to all my fellow itchy people from around the world!

    *that pict is about few months ago a day after my routine check-up and after I got my ointments. I took that pict at an airport toilet. 😛

    1. - Thank you very much for sharing your photo with the community! I love your fun fact! Rings a bell with me, that's for sure! I wish you all the best on your itch-free journey. Take care. Pete ( - Team Member)

    2. Thank you for submitting! You can view your photo in the gallery here: -Sarah ( Team Member)

  4. Hi my name is Ida H. I've had eczema since I can remember. A fun fact about me is that I sometimes work as an extra in movie productions and get to meet lots of actresses and actors.
    Sending lots of love from Germany to all my fellow itchy people 😀

    1. Thank you Ida for sharing about yourself! Your fun fact is very cool. How did you get involved in movie productions? You can see your photo in the gallery here Sending love back from the US! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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