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Histamine monitoring kit and app

Would an app that would allow you to see which foods directly effect, your histamine levels, and thus any eczema flare ups be useful. The app will monitor your histamine level through the day and after food. AI will then help tailor a diet specific for you so that you eczema flare upseither stop or are reduced.

  1. Yes, that would be unbelievably helpful . We lead busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything we eat and drink, so an app like that would be tremendous!

    1. That would be great!

      1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could invent that, ? My allergist says that a reaction could take up to 72 hours, so determining which food or allergen was the culprit would be the problem. Good idea, though. Cora Lyn, Team Member

        1. Pain also affects the free histamine level in your body. When I am having a bad flare, I take anti-histamines, eat anti-inflammatory and drink plenty of water.

      2. any comments on this would be very much appreciated

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