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Hot water - afraid I've caused permanent damage

Please no judgements.

I've had eczema my whole life. Over a year ago, I realized that it felt REALLY good and soothing to run itchy skin under hot water, the hotter the better. I've been doing this several times per day for a long time. It became a habit, and the only thing that would shake an itch, other than scratching the life out of my skin.

So far, I'm now 5 days in to a period where I have not done this (I feel like I'm an alcoholic announcing I'm 5 days sober!). It is very hard not to do it, especially when I know that with a simple turn of a tap, I'll get that hot, sweet relief from my itching.

Anyway, my entire hands are red raw, scaly and are covered in raised, skin-coloured (but red just now) bumps. I always thought this was eczema but now realize it is probably 1st degree burns.

My feet were the other source of my hot water remedy and they are red in patches, with some 0.5cm to 1cm raised red lumps (smooth).

I moisturize incessantly, so the skin does not feel dry to touch most of the time. Again, I'm worried that I have caused serious burns that may be permanent.

I've been using a strong costecoreroid (Mometasone) for 7 days and neither my hands nor my feet have improved, which worries me because I always thought that a few days of the strong stuff would clear up any flare-up, as it has done previously.

I feel like an idiot for doing this for so long. And I guess I don't really have a question other than asking if anyone has gone through the same thing and managed to recover their skin. And also offer a cautionary tale not to take the measures I did.

Thanks for reading

  1. hi, I'm sorry you're experiencing this. Since you mentioned you are using a strong topical steroid, I have to ask if you know about Topical Steroid Withdrawal and how long you've been using topical steroids overall? It resembles burns, and in later stages when one is in TSA (Topical Steroid Addiction), the creams completely stop working, which is what causes many people to have to go through the withdrawal process.

    I feel like it is more likely that would be the case, and not because of the water, but I am not a medical professional. Here is an article on TSW if you are not familiar and interested -

    Hoping you get some relief soon and sending good vibes your way. -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. do know that issue.i like hot showers but they say you shouldn't do hot showers. I do "hottish" showers anyway. Okay maybe warmish
      Somebody's got to wash me,and I'm the choice, so do what ihave to do

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