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I am pregnant. Can I use DermalMD Scar Treatment Serum?

I am 6 months pregnant and i saw some scars on my legs. My dermatologist friend suggest me to use this but I was little confused about this. Is it safe to use? Anyone help me please🤔🤔

  1. You know, I recently came across a reference textbook in dermatology, which sheds some light on eczema issues, especially during precious moments like pregnancy.
    Well, I remembered that someone on this forum raised a question about using some products during pregnancy, and I've been looking for this thread. Basically, I wanted to share this discovery: . As I said, it's a reference textbook in dermatology, and it won't get you confused along various terms that dermatologists use and things that aren't clear all the time. At least for me, it works this way, and this textbook was a lifesaver.

    1. When it comes to using something like DermalMD Scar Treatment Serum for those pesky leg scars, it's super important to tread carefully. Even if a dermatologist buddy gives it the thumbs up, pregnancy skin is a whole different ball game.

      Most products will have a label about pregnancy use, but not always. The golden rule? Check with your OB/GYN. They're the pros when it comes to what's safe for you and the little one on board. They can give you the green light or suggest something else that's pregnancy-safe.

      It's not just about the scars. Pregnancy can make your skin go through all sorts of changes, so what worked before might not work now. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected is key. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to skincare in these nine months.

      1. these are really helpful tips. Thanks for sharing! All the best, Sam S. (Atopic Dermatitis team).

    2. Hello, were you able to find a product that works best for you? I hope all is well.

      1. Hello! Thank you for submitting this forum. I hope all is well with your pregnancy! Scarring from eczema is a stubborn issue. It can be difficult to determine which products are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Many products include labels that say "do not use if pregnant" or recommend that you consult your doctor/OBGYN. I would suggest doing so to ensure you are using something that is safe. A doctor will know best what products are best to avoid. Best wishes!

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