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Immunosuppressants for young kids

My 3 year old son most likely will be out on immunosuppressants. Has there been anyone who has had their young child on immunosuppressants, if so how did it go? Was there any side effects?

  1. I hope some parents chime in here with experience. I personally don't have kids, but to be honest the thought of a 3 year old child being on immunosuppressants terrifies me a bit as I had so many bad side effects from so many of them. What kind would he be going on, if you don't mind me asking?

    I just recently wrote an article about my experience if you're interested (granted, I'm not a young child, but still thought I'd share!) Not intended to scare you whatsoever, of course everyone reacts differently, and many have success with them. Just thought I'd share some thoughts while others hopefully chime in as well! I hope you find the best solution for your son - please keep us posted! 😀 -Nina (Team Member)

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