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Intermittent Fasting for AD

I've had eczema since I was 1 years old. I took steroids and various topical creams until I was 22 thinking it was helping make me better. Taking stronger and stronger steroids until one day they just stopped worked. I broke out in a 2 year long nasty rash that just wouldn't quit. It wasnt just the dry skin on my hands and arms that I was used too. It was everywhere, broken skin, bleeding, swollen and pussing.
I tried every diet (elimination, GF, dairy free, vegan, keto, paleo) and every topical treament (emuaid, silver, all natural, coconut oil, tea tree, baking soda, even bleach).

I finally sought out a kinesiologist for back pain I was having and they recommended I try intermittent fasting for my skin, saying it could be related to a weak stomach. Within 3 days of eating from only noon to 6 pm and drinking a gallon of water a day my skin started clearing up. After a week it was completely healed, leaving behind soft pink new skin.

So naturally I stopped fasting thinking I was cured. Within 2 days my skin started breaking out again. I started experimenting and noticed the longer I stuck to my fast the more frequently I could break it without seeing a change in my skin. For example, if I stuck to a healthy diet with lots of veggies and not a lot of sugar/alcohol/simple carbs and ate only 6 hours a day for a 7 day streak, I could have pizza and beer one night and not have a problem. If I ate clean and fasted for 2 weeks I could eat poorly for 2 days and not have a problem.

Now I aim to eat for 6-8 hours a day. Drinks lots of water. Eat a paleo focused diet. And I never have any problem with my skin. When I veer off the path too much, a long weekend of eating whatever and whenever I want, or a couple of days of non stop partying, my eczema starts to pop back up giving me a warning to get it together.

The cause of everyone's eczema is different. Just know that your skin is trying to tell you something. For me it was a weakened stomach lining. Fasting allows my body to focus on healing instead of digesting. If I have a bad breakout and an event coming up that I need clear skin for, I can fast for a full 24 hours and my skin will mostly clear up.

Always consult with your doctor before starting any form of fasting.

  1. - this is extremely encouraging. I congratulate you for figuring out what works best for your eczema. It must be extremely satisfying to know you are in the control of your situation. I too believe in intermittent fasting, although I second what @sarah.wallin says about consulting your doctor first before experimenting. I wish you all the very best with your ongoing healing!! Pete ( - team member

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to share the details of your experience. I'm glad to hear those dietary changes have improved your eczema. Have you viewed this article about intermittent fasting? You might be able to relate.

      Agree that anyone wanting to try something like this should always check in with their doctor first.

      Take care and best wishes for continued healing!
      -Sarah ( Team Member)

      1. What an inspiring story, @ Samca. Getting to know what your own body needs is the hard part, isn’t it? I’m going to try it and keep track of the connection. I believe in intermittent fasting, but have gotten away from it lately. Congratulations on finding and sticking to what works! Cora Lyn, Team Member

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