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Irritant Contact Dermatitis in Incontinent Pad Posing Huge Threat To Lives

Because of the above diagnosis I'm now faced with people thinking I don't look after Mum properly! This has HUGE really BAD implications for our lives.

We have had terrible trouble with a skin condition that now looks like a red hot frying pad has seared my Mum's back. She has just got a diagnosis via a photo and GP email as the above (ICD) but altho she is bed bound and does wear pads she is kept very clean. Wee and poo don't get half way up her back - the latest area to become active and spread. She still holds herself and releases herself at pad changes. She is checked very frequently in between. Also when she is laying on her side very often the pad is away from her back allowing air to circulate.

Can anyone help figure out - assuming the diagnosis is correct (?) - how her back is this way due only to wearing the pad? There are confounding variables such as creams and antibiotics but that would make this question an essay.

Right now I don't feel like I have a leg to stand on when facing Dr's Nurses etc that will assume I'm just lying. There must be something else causing this.

  1. I have lots of photos...but they are not nice and may shock. Many show Mum's bum and on the latter she probably would not want that shown, but her back I think she'd want answers.

    1. Yep. I could not log - something to do with logging in with Google then getting stuck. Anyway this is an unbelievable situation. The Nurses who told me to put Conotrane on the area even though that is all I'd done up to getting my Doctor involved have reported me to Social Services for apparently "buying creams off the internet and using them on Mum and causing this". Even though I asked them to get involved and asked them for other help. We went through so many creams with my Doctor as well as oral antibiotics. Looks like it was an allergic reaction to her pad. Another kicker - when I first asked them to come se my Mum one said "Looks like an allergic reaction to her pad" . A while later another said the same. They didn't do anything other than say put the cream on that hasn't ever done anything good to the point it was classed as a wound got a Senior Nurse only to come , look and say, "looks like an allergic reaction to her pad. We'll get in touch with Continence Team and change her pads". But I'm the one being investigated. Not just for that though. For other things that are really strange. If I go on you'll doubt me because they are so ludicrous.

      Now the title about posing huge health threat is coming true. They are thinking about applying for Right of Attorney for Mum. This means they could do whatever they wanted. I have shielded with her for two and a half years trying to keep her safe from Covid - for very good reasons. I think they want to send more carers (she will get C19 and die) or they will take her away to a nursing home - where she will die. Long story on the latter is that she went into Hospital a bit longer than a year ago. Two weeks later they sent her home to me for End of Lif (I never complete that phrase) care. Two weeks under Health Professional care and they wrecked her. So yes she will die pretty quick under their care . Before that she could sit in a chair, read the TV, even feed herself and talk pretty well. Destroyed in two weeks with the explanation "people can deteriorate very rapidly like this". Now I sleep in the same room as her. I'm there about 22 hours a day keeping her clean, fed, watered, and I hope happy. She is very ill now with her Alzheimer's and all I have are assessments, visits, bad news, vague news - life was hard as I look after her pretty much 100% by myself and now I have this living nightmare unfolding before me.

    2. Apologies for not replying sooner. This is heartbreaking to read. I'm sorry to hear your mom's situation has been this challenging, it is disheartening to hear her medical team is giving you grief. How is your mom doing now? Sending support and hugs your way today. -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. just wondering if you have considered bedding, clothing, etc. as a possible cause? Or anything she is eating or in the environment. Any changes at all? Did they give that diagnosis because the rash is also on her bottom and just spreads to her back too?

    Hard to say, and usually takes some time to find our triggers. But I am so sorry you are dealing with this, and so sorry your mother is struggling as well. Please keep us posted on how both of you are doing, I hope you both get some relief and peace soon. -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. Hi, All I can think of it is something other than wee and poo - that means I'm thinking about everything possible. I have got some 800 count pillowcases and was thinking about placing it between her back and pad (hoping the cotton will be skin safe of course). The only thing on her back is the pad and cotton sheets. The shape of the soreness matches the shape of the pad on her back even to 90 degree corners at the top of the started right away from her bottom and did not spread from there. The diagnosis was based on a photo and whatever the GP said to the Consultant.

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