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Is fish oil making my skin drier!?


I’m not sure if it is coincidence but I’m starting to wonder whether fish oil capsules are making my skin even drier. I know it is suppose to help but is it possible, or has anyone else experienced or heard of fish oil supplement making their skin drier?

Any input would be appreciated. I will keep trying as I’m not sure whether it is just a coincidence but in the meantime I thought I would ask just in case it is a known issue for some people?

Many thanks!

  1. I personally haven't experienced it, but I know fish oil in general did not seem to help me at all, that's for sure. What kind are you taking, if you don't mind me asking?

    I know sometimes, the different kinds of Omega's can make a huge difference. I found in my case, supplementing with Borage Oil was much better than just fish oil, personally. -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. Thanks for the reply. I am currently trying Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega which contains 1280mg Omega 3 (650mg EPA, 450mg DHA & 180mg other omega 3’s) per dose which is 2 capsules. However I was only taking 1 capsule 2 or 3 times a day with meals and I was considering scaling up but have stopped taking it at the moment.

      I have tried other omega 3 fish oils in the past such as Carlson Labs and recall my skin getting drier but again it may have been something else altogether causing this.

      Did you find that Borage Oil and Fish Oil together helped or do you mean the Borage Oil alone helped and fish oil didn’t? Isn’t Borage Oil mostly omega 6? I thought omega 3 was what was usually considered for eczema although I did notice in my quick google search that Borage Oil is used for eczema.

      Are you still taking it and what benefits do you find exactly & how quickly? Can you please let me know what brand and dose you take and how often etc? I.e. Do you take it daily or when needed or depending on the season etc?

      Many Thanks.

    2. sorry for the confusion, I meant the Borage Oil alone helped, and the fish oil did not at all. I can't say that borage oil was some miracle cure for my skin whatsoever, but I did notice an increase in energy levels, and feel like it helped with reducing the inflammation in my body in general. I have celiac disease in addition to AD so it seemed to help even with the inflammation in my digestive system. I do think it also lowered redness and helped with dryness on my skin to some extent (although like I said not a magical cure).

      I am honestly not sure how long it took to see improvement but I just got one bottle to begin with and figured I'd finish the whole bottle to give it a fair shot. I think it lasts me over 40 days, and I also use the same brand for Borage Oil (Nordic Naturals). I use it every day in my morning smoothies (following the directions on there which is 1/2tsp per day).

      And yes, borage oil does have some omega 6, however it has a high amount of gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which is very different from fish oil, but also a fatty substance that has similar benefits. There are studies that it helps with certain conditions, but with AD the studies are pretty mixed, but I figured it was worth a shot for me personally. I know it can also be used topically for skin (diluted in carrier oil), but I have never tried that personally. Hope that helps a bit! -Nina ( Team Member)

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