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is this eczema please help my 22 months old suffer

I have 22 months old girl and has eczema that keeps her waking up in the night. she keeps scratching. the doc prescribed eucrisa, hydrocortison and I use lot of moisturizer. we live in florida and see the heat irriatates her more. I have hard time to put any cream on bc it burns her. I am not happy with hydrocortisone bc it leaves her spots ( white) and since the eczema is on her arms and legs I wuld need to apply all over.. im attaching pic of her. p,ease tell me what you think and what you suggesting.

  1. hi there . I'm so sorry to hear/see that your daughter is suffering with this - it's so incredibly hard. I personally went through/am still going through TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrwal) so I am not really a fan of steroid creams either, to be honest. As for Eucrisa, I have never tried it, but I have heard from many others that it does burn, so it sounds like a common side effect, unfortunately.

    I am not a medical professional so of course can't really say what it is for sure, but have you asked your doctor to do any swabs or biopsies just to confirm the diagnosis? How long has it been going on? I'm sending you both lots of love and healing vibes and hoping you get some answers and relief asap! -Nina (Team Member)

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