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Finally found my trigger!

After 2 years+ of suffering with hand and face dermatitis, and after eliminating many food groups that seemed problematic in order to find the trigger, I began to stop taking some of my many supplements for 3 week periods (one at a time). After stopping KRILL oil, in about a week my skin was clear!

I think that the Omega 6 and 9 in Krill are inflammatory and they may have been the cause of my skin inflammation.

I have switched to a pure Omega 3 product, and things are still fine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this was NOT just a co-incidence, but so far, so good.

  1. Very interesting- thank you so much for sharing. I hope your skin keeps up and is still doing well! -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. glad you found a potential trigger to eliminate. Hope putting krill to the side for now (as a potential allergen) continues work for you. I know most diets are already heavy in omega 6's, and not sure why one would need supp'ing with 9's. Sticking with anti-inflammatory omega 3's that are more challenging to consume to the right degree in the average North American (and perhaps UK?) diet is a better option.

      1. Have you tried fish oil and do you tolerate it? Did it help? Or if you haven’t tried it, do you think it would have the same problem as the krill oil?

        I would like to try it for my dry skin but I have to be extremely careful as I react badly to even the gentlest ingredients, especially with my gut problems.

        1. I'm using 'Pure and Essential' brand Ultra EPA concentrate, made from anchovy fish oil primarily. Each softgel has about 500 mg of EPA.

        2. that sounds good. Wow, those little fishies sure do pack a nice O-3 punch --> and without the heavy metals their large cousins can accumulate 😀

      2. - great detective work!! Really glad you shared this with the community as it could be really beneficial for those using the same or similar products. All the best! Pete ( - Team Member)

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