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My dermatitis

Hi I've worked with oil all my life never had any trouble before I started having problems when I came off eufix and my doctor put me on antibiotics but now wondering if its the alcohol because the other night I thought I would have a glass red wine in the night I woke up with the back of my hands itching it's been going on for a couple days so I've put myself on the wagon

  1. I've found opting for natural based products can be a safer bet. I sometimes use some of the Dr Lanna milk moisturiser as a soother for my derma when I don't know what's going on with it. It usually takes some of the intensity away. Could be good for you too!

    1. I've noticed that my skin tends to flare the next morning when I drink. What I realized is that when I drink a lot of wine specially I tend to flare more. I don't tend to flare when I drink beer though. I hope that you are feeling better now! 😀

      1. Eudix cream I meant it's for skin cancer I took it for 15 days and my doctor told me I must stop he gave antibiotics and that's when the dermatitis started

        1. Hey , I second what Nina says here. Really glad to hear that your itching has calmed down now. Antibiotics and alcohol both do not agree with me but sometimes you cannot avoid the former. Hope your skin is continuing to not cause you issues. All the best - Pete (Atopic Team Member)

          1. I have stopped drinking now I'm having this on my back IPapilloma,

          2. great stuff, keep us updated on your progress please! 👍🏻

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