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Makeup with bad eczema

I have had eczema all my life . My face gets hot itchy red and sore. I bought a new foundation to cover my eczema, but my face looks like I have been burnt now πŸ˜’ I feel more confident when it's covered , anyone know of any foundation I can use ? πŸ™

  1. Hi Milly, I would look for vegan and less ingredient's kind of foundation. Right now I use a Mac foundation but there has been a lot of trial and error as well. I also use a sunscreen from Aveene. I would consult with your dermatologist or allergists to find out what you are allergic to help find a good combination for your skin.

    1. From my many years of experience, it is also worth taking care of natural supplementation. Sometimes a thing like black cumin oil can reduce or even get rid of eczema or other allergies in a matter of weeks. In fact, the source of the problem often lies within the body, and this holistic approach has helped me. There are many different herbs and substances that can help, it is worth reading about it.

      1. , thank you for sharing what you have found to work for you. I do want to chime in and remind everyone that it is so important to speak with your doctor before trying anything new because what might work well for one person might not work for another. All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

    2. I usually use a good tinted sunscreen. Tower 28 is the one I've been using for a while. It gives me just enough coverage but also pretty soothing and moisturizing. And they have a pretty big shade range.

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