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No more breakouts!

It just started on me 5 years ago out of nowhere... I'd always get a dry itchy patch on the left side of my face same place. And everytime I shaved dry skin would fall off and it would get irritated and bleed and ooze. It stung and it was embarrassing to go out in public. I tried all the basic household stuff like lotion, coconut oil, neosporin. I'm a guy who just don't goto the doctor. Literally nothing worked and I brought it up to my wife how I don't know what the heck to do I tried what I thought would help. Without me knowing she went and bought this lotion that her friend shared on Facebook that was supposed to be a miracle worker on skin in general. She got it in the mail and told me to try it. I'm not a salesmen or promoting anything. I just created this account here today to say If you are having any issues with what I discussed I would HIGHLY recommend trying this product. It's a big bottle and it's CHEAP!!! I HAVE NOT HAD ANY MORE BREAKOUTS SINCE I STARTED USING THIS!!! It's been months!!! If anybody does try it, I would like to hear if it saved you like it did me! If something like this so cheap can fix me and save you guys doctor visits and expensive creams all the time I am happy to have helped.

  1. , This is a product (and company) I hadn’t heard of before. It sounds like something worth trying. Thanks for sharing it with us! Cora Lyn, Team Member

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