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Omega 3's

Do any of you take omega 3 supplements?

I'm curious as well to hear other members' thoughts about whether O 3 supplementation is useful for those us us with eczema.

Thanks in advance ☺

  1. I have heard of others who have greatly benefited from omega 3’s / fish oil but I haven’t noticed an improvement myself. Maybe I need a higher dose or longer time to see benefits or perhaps I need to address other issues first / as well such as gut/digestion.

    However I am starting to wonder whether fish oil supplement is actually making my skin drier. I know it isn’t suppose to do this and it may just be a coincidence but I thought I would ask just in case it is a known issue for some people?

    I made a thread about it here:

    Many thanks.

    1. My diet is pretty high is Omega-3's, however, I don't think I have ever taken them in the form of supplements. Pete ( Team Member)

      1. , interesting to hear. Out of curiosity, what food sources ramp up those O3's in your diet?

      2. - Great question! I have lots of fish in my diet. I have flaxseed in my smoothies. Have 1/2 eggs a week.

    2. Good question, , I believe Omega 3s are important for our skin. But as I live on the coast, I eat a lot of fish. I also cook with flaxseed powder, chia seeds and nuts. If I wasn’t able to consume my omega 3s, I would definitely supplement. All the best, Cora Lyn, Team Member

      1. , Fresh fish is expensive everywhere! But even a can of salmon can supply many of the nutrients we need. I use it in quite a few recipes.. Then again, it’s said supplements are a very reliable source of the needed nutrients. Cora Lyn, Team Member

      2. , thanks for the reminder re. handy canned salmon! How could I forget that?! Quick, to the's not just my skin: seems my brain also needs some O3's stat 😉

    3. Been using Omega-3 supps (salmon and krill) for 30 years. Developed Eczema 2 years ago. Upped the dose, but did not make a difference.

      1. , it’s so difficult to know what will work for our particular situation, isn’t it? Then, when we find something that works, we develop an allergy to it and have to start all over again. I think my diet high in omega 3s has helped keep my flares to a minimum, so far, but who really knows? I’m so sorry you’ve developed this terrible condition as well. Wishing you better days ahead, Cora Lyn, Team Member

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