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Anyone else had retinal detachment from atopic dermatitis?

I had severe a.d. around my eyes with red swollen eyes. I starting getting floaters and had to have a retina and macula attachment. Anyone else ever dealt with this?

  1. I didn’t have full retinal detachment thankfully, but have permanent corneal damage and kerotoconous, and just last year I found out I have mild retinal degeneration. Thankfully it’s not awful and nothing needs to be done for it at the moment, just yearly check ups with a retina specialist. But they did tell me to be careful of the detachment symptoms and head to the ER immediately if I experience any of them. I am guessing you had to have surgery?

    I hope you are doing better now, I’m so sorry you had to experience that- vision changes and vision loss is so terrifying. -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. Hi ,

      Dealing with eczema around the eyes can be maddening. Experiencing a visual impairment like the floaters from retinal detachment must have been a frightening experience for you. Did your retinal specialist or ophthalmologist tell you what caused the retinal detachment? Our article about eye symptoms ( gives a lot of detail about the various complications eczema can present. I sincerely hope you are doing better after your treatment. Wishing you the best!

      Courtney ( Team Member)

      1. Hi, Helen,

        It sounds like the AD you have around your eyes is pretty severe! I don't have AD around my eyes (at least not currently, though I have in the past), but I did need a laser surgery to seal up some holes/tears in my retina. I've had one surgery in each eye so far. The eye doctor said that the tears was from being extremely near-sighted (my eyes are shaped like footballs, and my retina just couldn't stretch that far any more!). I hope that the attachment surgery wasn't too bad for you. I've seen that it can require a long recovery, while with the laser surgery I had, I just needed drops for a week or so. I hope you can find some relief for the AD around your eyes too!

        -Stefanie ( Team Member)

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