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Shaving w/eczema

Does everyone here that has eczema shave?
I hadn't shaved my legs in a long time and i recently did now my legs are all full of small pimples and itchiness.

any suggestions?

  1. I bought a hair remover that uses lasers. It works but it takes several sessions to see permanent results. No pain or heat. It's the only solution for me. FYI, always use unscented clean products.

    1. do you use a shaving cream product when shaving? I haven’t used a store bought product in years. Honestly, now all I do is use my soap suds and shave while that’s on me in the shower. I use to put oil on my legs too while shaving and it just comes out smooth. I also use a basic cheap razor without the added soft part that usually comes with woman razors. Not sure if that will make a difference at all. If I ever did get bumps they would never last for long. Hope that helps!

      1. hey Raelle I do not use shaving creams. I will have to change razors and see if it makes a difference.

        thanks for the tip

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