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Showering with eczema

What water temperature helps your eczema the most?
Hot, cold, lukewarm?

I have been trying to do cold in the end of my showers and been feeling good.

  1. Hi . I take lukewarm showers. I'm in and out the shower for about 10 minutes although I would wish to be there longer.

    1. Cold or hot, it is important to remove some of the harsh chemicals like chloramine in the shower water. It is known to aggravate eczema. There are many such studies as below. A really working chloramine shower filter is a necessity.

      Toxic Showers and Baths

      Chloramine-induced anaphylaxis while showering: a case report

      Association between domestic water hardness, chlorine, and atopic dermatitis risk in early life: A population-based cross-sectional study

      1. thank you for sharing this! I've been using a shower filter myself personally for many years, and I do feel like it helps to some extent. I tried to shower without one while I was on vacation, and I could tell it was aggravating my skin a bit. Thanks for including the studies as well! -Nina ( Team Member)

      2. thanks I will look into this. I have been wanting to change my water hose because we have hard water at home.

    2. lukewarm/tepid, with a cool rinse. And quick - I'm in and out in under 10 minutes. But since I live in a very cold, dry part of the world, I dread my daily "polar bear dip". I miss super hot soaks so much right now 🙁

      1. Yes I enjoy taking long hot showers but I am trying to cut it shorter than 15 mins. so hard though.

    3. Cold water is better than hot water. I'm also dealing eczema since my childhood. My skin turns out to be drier after bathing with hot water.

      1. Yes, my Doc is always telling me to shower in warm water. I just can't do it. In the summer I can but I just love the hot water on my skin even though I suspect it does dry it out a bit more:/

      2. same here! I have literally tried to break the habit even since seeing this thread and it still has not even remotely begun to happen. I love hot water way too much LOL!

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