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Showering with eczema

What water temperature helps your eczema the most?
Hot, cold, lukewarm?

I have been trying to do cold in the end of my showers and been feeling good.

  1. Cold water is better than hot water. I'm also dealing eczema since my childhood. My skin turns out to be drier after bathing with hot water.

    1. Yes, my Doc is always telling me to shower in warm water. I just can't do it. In the summer I can but I just love the hot water on my skin even though I suspect it does dry it out a bit more:/

    2. same here! I have literally tried to break the habit even since seeing this thread and it still has not even remotely begun to happen. I love hot water way too much LOL!

  2. I probably should be doing cold to be honest, but I just love more hot water. It's more of a habit in my case though, lol! Thanks for the reminder I should probably work on it again. 😉

    1. yes, I know some people in the TSW community that have tried it and had some success, but I personally haven't. Have you tried it?

    2. Yes, it felt so odd but then felt good for a few days. Too bad there is nothing nearby where I live.

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