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When you're feeling itchy, what's the first thing you do?

How do you deal with the unstoppable itch from eczema?

  1. i googled my way out of it . i had to find a way to beat the itch, other people did the homework on the medical/clinical side for me on sites like AD but we all know its not getting us far. so i went looking to what's on our skin the little bacteria chewing on us and what was best way to kill bacteria, by now a few know im raving about silver water , one spray dried on the bacteria killed it dead and my itch stopped. careful round the eyes brush it on with small artists brush, or allergies to silver .

    1. I try to determine why I have an itch. If it is merely dry skin I apply cream or lotion preferably non scented or scented with healing botanicals. If I notice scaling, redness or bumps I apply mineral oil petroleum based ointment on my body or a vanishing cream ointment on my face both prescribed by my dermatologist. Sometimes the itching continues on my face so I layer a histamine blocker cream over that.

      1. Sadly, I itch. I scratch. I rub. I try lotion but often without relief. Cortisone creams.

        1. Ah - I have to be honest. I do that too. An itch has to be itched! All eczema warriors know what you are going through. Thanks for sharing - Pete ( - Team Member)

      2. I take a cool shower, then moisturize with 100% unrefined shea butter and lidocaine ointment. If the itch gets out of control, I take four Benadryl tablets and try to nap while the medication takes effect. I sleep in cotton gloves to prevent scratching while sleeping.

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