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Summer Heat

Summer is coming in a few weeks!

What are things that help your eczema during the summer so your skin doesn't become so irritated? When summer comes for me I like to stay indoors in cool areas or take a small fan with me whenever I am going out for too long. Also using my favorite sunscreen.

  1. Gold Bond is great for moisture spots that can cause me to break out like under arm and bra line. It coats and prevents moisture build up.

    1. I will check that one out. I like to use their moisturizer. Thank you!

  2. Hard question for me, as heat tends to be one of my worst triggers. Already been in the worst flare of the past year or so since the weather has been getting warmer, and doesn’t seem to be letting up yet. 🙁 So in my case, it tends to be staying inside more as well (unfortunately) in the AC. And using ice to cool down when needed. Also when going out, I have to make sure I wear a hat to protect my face and neck, as those are the areas that tend to flare most for me. Great question, !

    1. it's my arm pits I'm having trouble with at moment I have a big red mark on my arm where my arm pits is

    2. Oh no, I hope that you feel better soon. I am looking for ways to find relief as well.

  3. @when summer nears, I stock up on the highest level of sunscreen and I use a hat and silk scarf that I can wet with water before I leave my workplace for the day and I have a washcloth and a bottle of water in my car console so in case I get really itchy, I can apply a cold compress and alleviate the itchiness until I get home.

    1. Hello! What brand of sunscreen are you currently using? That is a smart idea for the washcloth!

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