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What are your eczema triggers?

Certain foods? Airborne allergens? Fabrics? Share what triggers you've identified so far or have been noticing lately.

  1. although people often talk about potassium in bananas, I try to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables such as a humongous bowl of spring mix salad for lunch. For dressing I keep it light by squeezing some lemon wedges and sprinkling a bunch of black pepper. : )

    1. Thanks for your response, that salad dressing sounds so light and easy! -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. I can only wear cotton and can only wash clothing and bedding in Tide Clear. I can not use standards soaps or washes, I am slowly learning how to make my own. Baby shampoo is okay. I make my own deoderant now and lip balm. I get eczema on my ears, and I haven't found a solution for this yet.

    1. Thanks for replying. Where do you find cotton clothing? We had another member ask for suggestions and would love to get your input in this thread if you have any tips: -Sarah ( Team Member)

  3. I've been reading books about eczema,and have been eliminating foods like citrus, red meat, mangos, gluten, wheat, lentils (but I'm still hoping lentil sprouts and other spouts might not count because they're technically vegetables.

    1. is this elimination helping so far? -Nina ( Team Member)

  4. A reduction in sodium and acidic foods has helped my skin. I too, have lots of potassium in my diet. Dust is another good point. I think I spend more time vacuuming and dusting than anything else. Pete ( - Site Moderator)

    1. oh yea, dust is terrible .

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