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What are your eczema triggers?

Certain foods? Airborne allergens? Fabrics? Share what triggers you've identified so far or have been noticing lately.

  1. My biggest triggers is pollen, dog fur, anything that's not 100% cotton. Since the seasons changing, there's been a lot of pollen out. If my allergies are triggered then my eczema will as well. When it comes to dog fur, it depends if the dog sheds or not.

    1. Mine are boring and pedestrian - just like my relatively minor eczema. Triggers I know for sure are dry air/climate (eek, prairie province childhood 😱) and too much immersion in warm water (like when I'm an idiot & run shower too hot, or spend too much time washing dishes gloveless). That and printmaking chemicals (no duh). In case I ever had the urge to do lithography again. No thanks 🥴

      1. same here! A lot of mine has to do with climate and environment, as well as stress. Those seem to be my biggest triggers. -Nina ( Team Member)

    2. The two big triggers for me are mold and my gut. I have a messed up gut/digestion and when my gut is bad my skin flares up badly.

      Mold is a big trigger for me. In fact it is the original trigger that started off my eczema.

      I stayed in a moldy house for 2 weeks and after 1 week I developed a rash all over my body that looked like ringworm and I also became extremely sensitive to mold (headaches, lightheaded, itchy, feeling like I’m being poisoned and eye & sinus problems).

      I did not have skin issues or any noticeable sensitivity to mold prior to this. I had skin biopsies taken at the time of the rash and was diagnosed with eczema. I have had problems ever since for many many years.

      Stress can make flare ups worse.

      1. @CommunityMember75
        although people often talk about potassium in bananas, I try to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables such as a humongous bowl of spring mix salad for lunch. For dressing I keep it light by squeezing some lemon wedges and sprinkling a bunch of black pepper. : )

        1. Thanks for your response, that salad dressing sounds so light and easy! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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