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What are your eczema triggers?

Certain foods? Airborne allergens? Fabrics? Share what triggers you've identified so far or have been noticing lately.

  1. A reduction in sodium and acidic foods has helped my skin. I too, have lots of potassium in my diet. Dust is another good point. I think I spend more time vacuuming and dusting than anything else. Pete ( - Site Moderator)

    1. Foods seem less of a problem as I grow older. Though I've learned to eat less inflammatory foods over all.
      I think my own dust is the worst. Not any dust but particularly my own dust at home. Need to keep clean as much as I can to prevent struggles. Vacuuming, dusting, etc.

      As far as foods go, I try to eat enough fiber to set a good cycle of bowel movement. If I'm not shitting, I'm what they call full of shit and is not good for health, and in my case I feel like the toxins release from the skin. It's important that I have a regular way to dispose the amount of food I consume.

      I also try to consume a lot of potassium. Lots. Of. Potassium.
      Potassium regulates the salt and sugar intake which is very difficult to avoid in today's diet.

      Good luck AD fam.

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