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Was your eczema triggered by the Covid Vaccine?

Hello All,
I am 62 years old, until 2 years ago, only skin issues I had was in the winter my hands may itch a little.
In early 2021, I had the J&J vaccine. Absolutely no issues.
In late 2021, I had my first Moderna booster, less than a week later, had itchy spots on my elbows.
Mid 2022, I received a "full dose" of Moderna vaccine as a booster. Two days later I have a rash over 75% of my body. Biopsy said it is Atopic Dermatitis. Tried a host of topical creams and steroids, to no avail.
Recently started taking Dupixent and there are starting to be some signs of recovery.
Does anyone else suspect their eczema was triggered by the covid vaccine?

  1. I got a bad reaction and became extremely itchy other than that I didn't have other side effects.

    1. Hi amikep1,

      I believe my ezcema has flared up since having the covid vaccinations. I had childhood ezcema but grew out if it when I hit puberty. The last 18 months I have had 3 flare up with the current one being the worst. I have been on 5 weeks of oral steroids and have paid privately to see a dermatologist. My skin feels mositurised now but the itch is unreal it has nearly broke me. I am due to see the dermatologist again tomorrow and my skin is better than it was. However I have this underlying itch that just wont go away and it drives me crazy.

      I hope that you are getting somewhere with the medication.

      1. @akithan82 - the itch is unbelievably maddening, no one who hasn't got eczema will fully understand that. I like you, needed a course of oral steroids to help me clear up but we all know it hasn't gone away. Well not for me anyway. I hope you manage to get clear again soon. Best wishes - Pete, Moderator

      2. Hi Peter thanks for your message. Having seen the dermatologist he is looking to put me on immunosuppression tablets but has to speak to my two consultants as I've had two cancers in the last 5 years. I'm hoping they will agree to this medication as the steroids are not working. I'm currently having a bad day all my skin has become inflamed and the itch is unbelievable and my skin is burning and stinging. I hope you are doing ok I just wish they had more answers for us all, but ezcema is so complex and one size doesn't fit all. Stay strong we will get there .

    2. oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear this. So you didn't have eczema at all before the vaccinations? How long have you been on Dupixent? I certainly hope it is still helping. I can't say I've had the same experience, as I've dealt with eczema my whole life, but I know there has been so much more information coming out lately in regards to a lot of the negative side effects from many of the vaccines. Sometimes it worries me thinking about what kind of long term effects there may be in the future.

      Sorry I can't be more help, hopefully someone else can chime in later, but wanted to send my love and healing vibes anyway. Please keep us posted on how you are doing when you are able to 😀 -Nina (Team Member)

      1. - Thank you for sharing your situation. I think we know our bodies best. I had all sorts of issues during the pandemic and although I do not have any conclusive evidence, I am pretty sure that the vaccines played havoc with my body. Since then I have heard and read views that align with ours from the dermatology world. Really glad you are starting to recover. Take care. Pete, Moderator

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