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What's the worst place to have eczema?

Share your experiences and hear what others are saying.

  1. The worst place is around my eyes, back of my legs and arms. My eyes continuously itch, especially if its allergy season. For my arms and legs, they can become irritiable since I'm always moving and on the go.

    1. The back of my knee was AWFUL. I had a terrible flare there once that would not stop oozing and I was going on a day trip where I would be walking a lot and it was near impossible to wrap up with anything because everything would just fall down. Saniderm was an absolute lifesaver for that specific flare, I could almost forget about it for a day. Never want eczema there ever agin.

      1. In between my toes. I say that because I remember having to put gunk on my feet and then wrapping them up with Saran wrap and socks. This was a long time ago but it still was a pain.

        1. That sounds awful! I hate when I can feel any moisturizer between my toes so I can't imagine the feeling of having to purposefully apply gunk in there. Hopefully that flare passed quickly and never happens again! - Alexis ( Team Member)

      2. My inside elbows..

        1. Same here, @CommunityMember75. The face is just the worst place for me. But, yes, inside of the elbows can get really sore. I hope you get occasional relief from the pain?! Pete ( - Team Member)

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