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What's the worst place to have eczema?

Share your experiences and hear what others are saying.

  1. My inside elbows..

    1. Same here, @CommunityMember75. The face is just the worst place for me. But, yes, inside of the elbows can get really sore. I hope you get occasional relief from the pain?! Pete ( - Team Member)

  2. I have eczema from my neck down to my fingers and toes. Forced to wear turtleneck shirts/sweaters, long sleeves, and long trousers, and socks, so i wont scare people

    1. I completely understand, unfortunately. It is so embarrassing, and I have done the same and had/have to wear turtlenecks, long sleeves, etc. I'm so sorry you deal with that too. Is there anything that helps with your eczema? -Nina ( Team Member)

  3. Face and thighs !

    1. I would say around your sweat glands ie middle of your arms behind your legs and around your neck. Since your constantly moving those body parts throughout the day, one can feel the irritation throughout the day, especially if they're prone to sweating a lot.

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