Much More Than a Compliment

I've never been one to live my life based on the opinions of others. To be honest, I am sensitive, what others think of me does matter. I can't help it. I think naturally, all people care, even if they don't care to admit it. You hear people constantly talking about how much they don't care, but frankly, if they didn't care so much, why keep talking about it?

Feeling supported

No one wants to be an outsider. Deep down we're all looking to connect. We're all looking for someone who just understands us in-spite of all of our chaos and downsides. Everyone needs someone and everyone needs to be loved and appreciated.

A world of competition

With the world feeling like one big competition of who has it better or who can do more, who looks better or who has the most, it's hard to get a compliment these days. It's really hard to be seen as deserving, even if you actually are. Living with a condition that largely impacts your outward appearance, you can say those well-deserved compliments can come few and far between, depending on the state of my condition.

The power of a compliment

I don't think people realize the power of a compliment. A compliment can lift someone's spirits, change their entire day around. Give the right person the right compliment, and you can change their perspective and possibly the entire trajectory of their life.

Feeling free to be me

Recently, I decided to hang out with an old friend. This person doesn't know the most about me, my story, my past, or health. But, that's what I like about them. With them, I can just be myself. I don't have to worry about someone judging me or looking at me as, "Sick Shawn." I can simply be myself and that's enough.

A fresh start

I really appreciate the value of a deep-rooted connection. I appreciate the value of truly knowing someone. But there are times when we put so much pressure on those relationships, that we don't appreciate the true greatness in what it is to get to know someone. The value of starting fresh and having a completely new start.

Awkward stares

As I sat with this person, I remembered why I enjoyed their company so much. I could breathe around them. I felt comfortable. As we were talking, he stopped and stared at me. I found it odd. Frankly, a little awkward. Staring makes me uncomfortable and causes me to become very paranoid, very quickly. I began to worry he was staring at all of my imperfections. Thinking about how flawed and flared I am. But to my surprise, he wasn't.

Feeling beautiful despite eczema

Instead, he complimented me. He told me how beautiful my skin was. Crazy how something so simple, so small, can make a person's day. When he told me that, my eyes lit up. It's not often that I hear a compliment like that. As a lady, I want to be seen as beautiful. I want to be loved and appreciated.

It's not "just a compliment," it meant so much more to me.

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