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Beauty Isn't Skin Deep

I realize with time the standards of beauty have really changed. From hair to makeup, it seems like there's always a new trend or look going around. I honestly can't keep up. If we tried to keep up with society's standard of beauty, we'd run ourselves ragged. According to society, if you're not a size zero with clear skin and a bright smile, well frankly, you're just not good enough.

You are beautiful

But that's not true. Don't ever hold yourself to society's standard of beauty. Don't ever allow the outside world to determine your worth or how you should feel about yourself. You are beautiful in your own sense of the word.

Beauty comparisons

I remember being younger and constantly comparing myself to everyone really, not just models - friends, classmates, you name it. I wasn't the popular girl in school. I didn't have clear skin, long hair and a beautiful smile. I was short. I had braces. Eczema covered my arms and legs. I was far from a beauty queen. I looked nothing like the standard of beauty and to me, it just wasn't okay.

Social standard of beauty

I was so blinded by society and the world's opinion on what I should look like, how I should dress, what I should smell like, etc. I was too distracted to realize that I too was beautiful. Constantly staring into magazines, wishing I could be a little more like *insert random celebrity name here.* Wishing I was taller, smaller, basically wishing away all of the assets that made me, me. So busy dwelling on things I didn't have and other things I didn't even need.

Your standard of beauty

Becoming my own trigger. Causing my own depression and not even realizing it. Sure, not everyone would agree. Not everyone would say I was their picture of beauty, and that's their right. The good thing is no one has to pass their approval on your beauty. You don't have to impress the world to be beautiful.

Beauty isn't skin deep

Beauty is far from skin deep. There are more important things in this world than looks. Your skin doesn't make you beautiful, nor will it ever take your beauty away from you. You can be a beautiful person no matter what condition you're living with. Whether you're living with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease or arthritis. Whether visible to the eye or not, you are beautiful.


While we can all acknowledge beauty isn't skin deep, as a woman I will acknowledge the importance of feeling beautiful and being comfortable with yourself. However, that comfort doesn't come from perfect skin. That comfort comes from self-acceptance - flaws and all. That comfort comes from realizing you're not perfect and giving yourself permission to be everything but.

Finding peace

Once we learn to accept the fact that beauty doesn't solely rely upon our outward appearances and also acknowledge that we can be both imperfect and beautiful, the better off we will all be. The less we will compare ourselves or try to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

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